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Sarah Fiskness

Sarah is a licensed mental health therapist with 18 years of experience in social services, education and therapy. She works part-time for Seattle Public Schools as a school counselor, and has been on staff with Seattle Children's Hospital as a pediatric therapist.

Her resume includes: Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle Public Schools, Olympia School District, Community Psychiatric Clinic, Youth Eastside Services, Squaxin Island Tribe, and Emerson Alternative High School. She did her clinical graduate work at University of Washington and her undergraduate degree at The Evergreen State College. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has since traveled in over 30 countries.


Depression  |  Anxiety  |  School Problems  |  Parenting  |  Family Transitions

Social Skills  |  ADD/ADHD  | Behavior  | Mediation  |  Divorce & Co-Parenting

Special Education (IEP)  |  Disability Accommodations (504) |  Conflict Resolution

Self Esteem  |  Emotion Regulation  |  Trauma  |   Adoption  | Overcoming Fears

Organization & Time Management Skills  | Homework Avoidance  | Relationships

Identity Development  |  Academic & Career Planning  |  LGBTQ Identity  | Bullying

Excoriation Disorder  |  Trichotillomania  |  Insomnia  |  Assertiveness |  Body Image

Resource Referrals  |  Student Rights & Public Education | Relationships  |  PTSD